Sculptress of Sound are Julia Bünnagel, Tamara Lorenz and Patricia Köllges.
The collective develops an installative construction of sound, light and sculptural elements incorporating their personal specific artwork experiences.
With instruments and self-made sound generators they produce a layered sound assembling a structure of fragile music, sounds and word collages.
In 2014 they released their first Vinyl-EP ‚Spectodrama‘ at makiphon,
a Cologne based label.


  1. 2012  Berg & Kather, Aachen (DE)
  2. 2013  Ausstellungsraum Honigbrot, Cologne (DE)Kunstverein Heidelberg invited by Kunstverein St.Pauli (DE) 3.Strom Festival, Cologne (DE)
    Extrapool, Nimwegen (NL)
  3. 2014  Galerie Sebastian Brandl, Cologne (DE) Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (DE)
    Moff Magazin, Kyotobar, Cologne (DE)