ORPHAN FAIRYTALE (Antwerp, BE) “Speaking of distance, few commit to it the way Belgium dream-conjurer Eva Van Deuren, aka Orphan Fairytale, does. Her new double LP, My Favorite Fairytale, apparently reworks some material previously released in smaller editions. But whatever the source, Van Deuren’s ability to bathe all types of sounds—repetitive chords, rippling oscillations, thumb-piano loops—in an enticing haze makes her music feel eternal. Technically you could call her sound lo-fi, but I like to think of it more as closed-eye, the sonic equivalent of the ghostly images that stick to the back of your lids after they droop shut.” (Pitchfork) http://soundcloud.com/orphanfairytale http://www.discogs.com/artist/614893-OrphanFairytale http://youtu.be/k25r6u8rd_s