Liz Allbee (Vermont 1976) is a composer-performer residing in Berlin. She performs most often 

with trumpet, electronics and voice. Her work encompasses improvisation, electro-acoustic 

composition, and instrument building, primarily focusing on issues of extension and embodiment. 

She is interested in proto-lingualism, in the gestures, loops, and tics of communication, and in re- 
configuring hands and the tools that make them. (

“Many lesser oddball talents make the proud boast that they will invite you into their strange 

mental world and amaze you thereby. Allbee not only makes good on the promise, but she refuses 

to let you out again afterwards. I hereby dub her the Circe of the avant-garde music world, and I 

have now been turned into a pig.” -Sound Projector, London, UK. April 2010 

Photo credit: CTM 2007