Tom Brosseau is a folksinger and songwriter from North Dakota. He comes from a working family with a musical background.

“Today Is A Bright New Day [is] a folk-pop anthem that barely disguises its pervasive despair under a sunny coat of optimism” – iTunes Editor’s Notes

From Tom Brosseau:
“I take the city bus, which is an experience that has plugged me back into humanity. The faces, languages, the dress, daily I am part of the mix of what is the real face of this town, and though learning the schedules has been challenging, and the temperament of some of my fellow commuters eyeopening, it feels good to be in the same boat as everyone else. People come to the bigger cities because like Frank Lloyd Wright said it’s where everything loose collects, and though I am nothing more than another pebble I am the number one observer of this place.”


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photo by Carey Braswell