“iftheskywastornleasttheredbesomenoise” (Yi Sang)

HAROLD SCHELLINX (aka Har$) is a Dutch expat living and working in Paris, France. His endeavours span several decades and cover grounds stretching between areas as divers as research in pure mathematics and the collection and mapping of trashed magnetic audiotape and pacifiers in Western metropolises.

An extensive documentation of Har$’s work of the last 15 years can be found online, at http://harsmedia.com and the related http://soundblog.net. Twitter: http://twitter.com/soundblog
Some relatively recent and ongoing projects:
DIKTAT – a Dutch/French electroacoustic alliance that combines the idiomatic of electro acoustic improvisation with extreme contrapuntal thinking, the asymmetry of free declamation and the spontaneity of associative, surrealist collage.
STDUIO/OOKOI – a hi-tech green dressed whizz duo hacking its way through localized sounds and sounding locations: ookoi is the Future of Popp. “Van Daar naar Hier. En dan weer verder.”
STRING QUARTET WITH WINDOWS, OPEN – A 24 hour string quartet, performed and recorded in a Parisian living room, with the windows open.
UNPUBLIC – a series of unpublic speculative musical and culinary events in semi-secret and mostly underground locations, in and around Paris (and sometimes elsewhere), involving special guests from all over the world… “Niemand weet ooit met wie precies. Tijd noch plaats zijn bekend. En tóch gebeurt het. Dat heeft verrekte veel van magie. Maar hardop zal je mij en Magister Rebus zoiets niet horen zeggen. Voor je het weet staat er wéér een boze tovenaar op de stoep.” [in: Gonzo (circus), #122]

‘uP 33, Dancing the be-hop’ is the recording of an unpublic duet with American poet Laura Wetherington in the basement of the American Library in Paris, on the morning of Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 (http://unpublic.bandcamp.com)