OUTSIDE SOUNDS highlights the role that Extrapool in Nijmegen has had in creating a performance and exhibition space for experimental music and sound for over 30 years. It brings together a wide range of musicians and other artists working in sound to create an archive of soundworks that cross genres, decades, and geographic lines.

OUTSIDE SOUNDS is a collaborative work between sound artist Wesley Goatley and Extrapool.

OUTSIDE SOUNDS takes two forms. The first is this online archive you are now viewing/hearing.  The artists featured here have all performed at Extrapool during its 30+ years history, and have all generously contributed often new or unreleased tracks for this project.  The archive will remain free to use and will continue to expand as new performers visit Extrapool in the future.

The second form of OUTSIDE SOUNDS is an installation reaching out from Extrapool to the surrounding city and beyond. Extrapool has now begun constantly broadcasting an always-changing selection of sounds from this archive from a newly installed radio mast, where throughout Nijmegen and beyond listeners can tune in and listen to this generative playlist of new and old sounds from throughout the world and Extrapool’s history. Customised radios are installed in galleries, record shops, cafes and other cultural spaces throughout Nijmegen, through which anyone can tune in at any time to listen to performers who have made art at Extrapool.

Both the online archive and the radio installation will be permanently active, always free, and will continue to be added to throughout Extrapool’s continuing future as an international venue for sound, art and print.


Extrapool is an experimental venue which focuses on sound, art and print. The organization offers space to sound art, performance art, small exhibitions and risoprinting of the highest quality. Extrapool also hosts shows, workshops, film screenings and lectures on a regular base.             

The focus is set on DIY culture, graphic designers, emerging artists and artists without an extensive distribution network who work in and on the borders of the field of the arts. 

Extrapool offers experiment that may fail, shows the unpolished and encrypts music. 

Extrapools stage and our showroom can best be described as follows: a striking context in a flexible, changing, changeable setting. On the one hand informal and intimate, on the other hand expressive (dominant) and ‘artistic’.



Have you performed at Extrapool in the past, and would like to contribute a track to OUTSIDE SOUNDS? Then please email NEW@OUTSIDE-SOUNDS.COM with a track in both .wav and .mp3 form, along with a short bio and image and we will add you to both the online archive and radio broadcast throughout Nijmegen.