Graduates of Columbia University, Kunal Gupta, Tristan Perich and Katie Shima have been performing as the Loud Objects since 2005. Their performances, focused on sound from programmed microchips, have ranged from live circuit constructions on overhead projectors and slide projectors, to soldering atop a 24-light bulb fluorescent podium, and later with modified fluorescent light guitars.

The Loud Objects have performed in the USA and internationally at numerous festivals on four continents. Their varied performances range from solo acts to shifting duets with vocalists, drummers, susophonists, tuba quintets, laptop musicians, singers, painting machines, manatees, and recently as movie soundtracks.

As teachers, they have hosted workshops where attendees learn to build and program sound- generating circuits. They have explored teaching as performance, explaining their motions as they solder their circuit live, fielding questions above the noise. As artists, Loud Objects blanket walls with small speakers and microchips. Instead of pushing buttons, the audience is encouraged to rewire the actual circuit with soldering irons, hanging as part of the installation.