Lilia Scheerder (Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 1986) is a performance- and sound artist, printmaker and organiser.

When I started performing, my performances quickly became inspired by music and performances by musicians. I have been trying to integrate this element into my work for years. My work can these days be defined as sound performance with a strong visual element.

In the last years, my performances often involved home-made instruments made from different materials, most recently, metal.

I have collaborated with several musicians and artists working with sound.

I also work with other media, most noteworthy graphic art (etching, silkscreen print) and sometimes installation. My visual work is often developed at the same time as a performance and plays a role in it.

Currently, I work as an organizer for the artspace Extrapool in Nijmegen, I perform as my alter ego Antoine Panaché and I co-founded the DIY label Barreuh records in my hometown of Eindhoven.