Machine est mon Coeur (France/Australia)

Formed in Berlin in 2007 (with a self-titled independent EP), Machine est mon Coeur is; Bianca Calandra (electric guitars/vocals, Australia) and Gabin Lopez (synths/piano/sounds, France).

Their aesthetic is a mixture of musique concrète (early industrial), psychedelic/textural guitars, gothic piano, ‘sci-fi’ synths and dreamy vocals…all reflecting their love of sci-fi cinema, German expressionism, gothic and ‘dystopian’ literature.

Machine est mon Coeur…Lo-fi concrète dark-pop for lovers, dreamers and somnambulists.

Their debut album was recently recorded/produced in a house lost in the French country side, and is due to be released in early 2015.

In parallel, Machine est mon Coeur have also been busy developing their own visual style including ‘Art house’ filmclips, album cover artworks etc.

The band is now mostly based in the south-west of France (still lost in the country side).