is Saphy Vong a sound and visual artist.
He’s a french solo musician with a background from Cambodia who is messing around with abstract electronics, noise and sequenced multi-layered rhythms. Playing live is for him always an experiment within the situation of spontaneous thinking and decision-making through the energy of people & space.
he has played alone and in collaboration on places such as Seoul (Yogiga), Helsinki (Myymälä 2), Bangkok (Nospace Gallery), St Petersburg (Erarta Contemporary Art Museum),Pittsburgh (VIA Festival), Minsk (New Ton Fashion Art), Arkaoda (Istanbul), Hong Kong (Strategic sounds), Reykjavik (Tjarnarbio)..
w / Hype Williams, KXP, Lydia Lunch, Scott Colburn (Jabon), Shogun Kunitoki, Shonen Knife,Stellar Om Source, Family Battle Snake, James Ferraro, Maria Minerva, Molly Nilsson, Com Truise, Nate Young, Laurel Halo, Ital,Le1f..
Collaborations include the projects with Leyli, Zack Kouns and Rory hinchey, Dustin Wong (Ecstatic sunshine, Ponytail..), Dorcelsius.
He is running the label Steak au zoo records and organizer of a concert series for noise, experimental and free music
The last release is a split LP with Orphan I Oliver from Toronto on different labels from different countries: Neh-Owh (Copenhagen) /Heia sun (Paris) /Jozik (Helsinki) / Dumpster Diving Lab (Moscow).
The last EP was released on Orange milk records from New York (La Big Vic, Giant Claw, Hobo cubes…). This tape was tape of the month on Tabs out cassette podcast
“…the brightest synth patterns and the biggest beats, doing some sort of amplified tropical rhythm along with starry, crystalline synths. Basically, it sounds like staring up at the stars and zoning out while dancing for a few minutes…” Foxy Digitalis
MP3 of the day on SUBBACULTCHA!
Best cassette of 2013 on Tape Famous
“Spacy winter lo-fi maximalism hymns and impatient post-pop.” Avant Avant
“The often masked Cambodian born, Paris/Nancy/Berlin-based musician has a unique sense for abstract electronics, bringing with him an energy and joy rare in such deeply experimental psychedelia. Lafidki’s blend of noise and sequenced multi-layered rhythms is a captivating solo listen, but this music’s also begging for a spot at your next dinner-party-turned-dance-off.” Stylus Magazine
Some videos :